Can I put my data in MetroNome?

We accept genomic sequence and clinical data from any research project. You can specify who has access to your data.
Please contact metronome@nygenome.org. We will add an UPLOAD button in a coming release.

What data types can MetroNome show?

Currently we show SNVs, structural variation (copy number changes), and RNA expression data, along with available subject and sample attributes.

What kind of files does MetroNome require as input?

For genomic data, please provide VCF files. For RNA, please provide TPM counts in a TSV file. Subject and sample data should be submitted as Excel files.
Please download our example files and follow the instructions in ReadMe.txt.

Does MetroNome show repeat expansions?

Not yet. We plan to integrate annotations from Illumina's ExpansionHunter tool to indicate the presence and extent of repeat expansions.

Can I tell you about a bug I found in MetroNome?

Yes! Please use the “Feedback” link at the bottom of the page.

How do I cite MetroNome?

If you are using MetroNome for your work, or screenshots to create figures for your paper, please cite “MetroNome by New York Genome Center,(https://metronome.nygenome.org)“.